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Create chart Live examples

Motion chart

Motion chart
Chart file size: 92 KB
Also supported: grouped motion charts

Heatmap chart with multiple categories

Heatmap chart
Chart file size: 82 KB
Also supported: single-category heatmap charts

Horizontal bar chart with animated categories

Horizontal bar chart
Chart file size: 85 KB
Also supported: stacked and grouped horizontal and vertical bar charts

Line chart with drilldowns

Line chart
Chart file size: 85 KB
Aso supported: stacked area and layered area charts

Grouped bubble chart with drilldowns

Grouped bubble chart
Chart file size: 110 KB
Also supported: scatter charts, grouped and regular

Two axis chart: grouped bar + line

Dual axis chart: grouped bar + line
Chart file size: 86 KB
Also supported: stacked bar+line and line+line charts

Publish in the cloud

When you think it's time to share your visualization with the rest of the world, just click "Publish" in the online editor. The chart will be saved in our cloud, ready to be embedded in the content.

Easy to embed

You only have to add an <iframe>, <embed> or <object> element to your HTML content and specify the URL and dimensions of the published (or privately saved) chart file.

Easy to share

If you want to save a visualization for non-public use, you can export as a standalone SVG file, ready for use. Send it by email and the recipients will be able to open it in the browser.


When a visualization has a hierarchy, you can drill down to reveal additional details. supports drilldowns to specific series. For drilldown examples, see Line or Bubble chart examples.

Data aggregation / Pivot table online editor provides some business intelligence capabilities: it allows users to import flat data and automatically aggregate it the same way as Excel Pivot table does. The resulting summary table is used as data source for the chart.

Scalable graphics uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for visualization rendering, so users can resize charts on-the-fly without losing functionality or image quality. To see this feature in action, you can experiment with the width of the browser window while exploring this page, and you will see sample charts shrinking and expanding accordingly.

API / Integrated solutions provides a simple HTTP RESTful API that allows you to update your charts from scripts or programs. Check out our API guide for details, or our live chart example. For more details, see our integrated solutions demo.

Compatibility is solely based on native browser technologies and doesn't require client side plugins like Flash or Java. Our charts work in all modern mobile and desktop browsers including Apple and Android devices.


No need to abandon your favourite data analysis tool. Prepare your data in Excel, then copy and paste it to editor.


Animations, dynamic callouts and drilldowns - creates a truly interactive experience for users, making data visualizations anything but boring.

Small footprint charts can be packaged as standalone compressed files. Sample charts on this page have size between 80 and 120 KB.


Each chart is a small self-contained package that doesn't query any data from the web. Your browser can display the visualization right after loading the chart package.


Each user can create up to 20 charts for free without functionality restrictions.